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Quick Tip: Diaper Rash

August 6, 2016

The antibiotics Marlow has been on for her UTI has caused really bad diaper rashes! I picked up a few quick tips that really helped that I wanted to share.


  1. Rinse wipes before using them. You don’t have to rinse every wipe but I did this about half the time. Even though I use pampers sensitive wipes they still have some disinfecting chemicals that can further irritate diaper rash.
  2. Use a hair dryer to completely dry everything! Turn the hairdryer on low and cool settings.
  3. Triple Paste diaper cream! It’s the BEST. Use tons of it!
  4. Diaper free time. Letting their bottom really air dry can be huge help! It’s not easy to do but I bought doggy pee pads at the store and I would lay them down on the floor and her play mat for her to sit/lay on to play. Much easier to clean up a mess that way!
  5. Frequent Diaper Changes: I literally change Marlow’s diaper as soon as she goes (sometimes before she’s actually done..whoops)!

*Side note with antibiotics: Ask your pediatrician if you can give your child probiotic! I give Marlow half a pack of Florastor of Kids twice a day. It comes in a powder form so I mix it with 2oz of water and give it with a medicine dropper. Probiotics are good for so many reasons but they are especially important when taking antibiotics.


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