Pregnancy and Weight Gain

February 13, 2019

Now, I may not be the norm, but I truly try not to worry about weight gain while I’m pregnant. I stay off my scale and don’t look when I’m at the doctors. When I was first pregnant with Maddox (my first born) my doctor at the time made a comment about my weight gain very early on. I had not gained weight much at all, but I was immediately stressed and worried when I didn’t need to be. I switched doctors the next week and when I discussed it with my new doctor/midwife, she said “There’s no need to worry. Listen to your body and what the baby needs. And if it brothers you, don’t even look at the numbers. I’ll worry about that.” I felt such relief! She stressed the importance of eating healthy things that the baby and I needed and not to worry so much about the calorie intake (expect to be sure I get enough). This piece of advice instantly relaxed me and changed my mind set. I am a vegetarian and I eat relatively healthy as it is (with the exception of pizza, Mac n cheese and occasional sweets.) 

This may not be right for everyone- but for me it worked. I honestly have no idea how much weight I gained with either pregnancy. I’m only 5’2″ and I know I was NOT slim by any means when I delivered. But taking away the worry of weight gain while I was pregnant had such an affect on how I felt about my postpartum body as well. I took the same attitude- Don’t worry about the number. Worry about me and the baby. Listen to my body and eat what we need. Now I don’t want to miss lead anyone- I did not lose the baby-weight quickly. But I didn’t feel the need to. I was breastfeeding, eating healthy, and putting my energy where it needed to be. And that’s what worked for me. Again, this may not be right for everyone, but this relieved so much unnecessary stress for me. So if you think it will work for you- get rid of the scale! Trust you body and your baby. It’s doing amazing things! Besides, a new baby is enough to worry about! Let yourself relax and give yourself a break!

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