Mom Crush

August 19, 2017

“I got a mom crush”

Someone recently told me they loved following me on instagram and that they had a mom crush on my account. 🤣I instantly cracked up! I was so flattered of course. But all I could think of was the mom crush video. Have you seen that hilarious music video parody lately? If not, watch it here.

But it also got me thinking. I have mom crushes on so many people as well. It didn’t really occur to me that someone would have a mom crush on my account. But I realized we all have mom crushes. We all follow people on Instagram or Facebook or blogs, and secretly we may envy their recipes or their outfits or the perfect Pinterest activities they do with their kids. So while we all may have little mom crushes, we probably don’t tell the moms that we crush on. So I decided I’m going to start telling all of my mom crushes! I’m also thinking about doing a mom crush Monday on my Instagram account.

So if you envy someone else’s social media account and have a mom crush on them, tell them and realize that someone out there has a mom crush on you too! They just haven’t had the chance or maybe the guts to tell you!

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