Letting Her Be Her

November 15, 2019

My tiny ballerina.

I have to admit, I was a total tomboy growing up. I played soccer. I lived in T-shirt’s, Umbros, and Sambas. The one time I took dance as a child I peed in my leotard because I  couldn’t figure out how to get it off 🤣. So when Marlow asked to do ballet I thought, “What?! No! Are you serious? Take that back!” I imagined her dominating the soccer field, slide tackling the boys, like I did. I pictured her playing so many sports. But ballet was not one of them. I think we often picture our kids following in our footsteps- achieving more than we were able to. It’s hard to fight the urge to live through them.

So Marlow asked, multiple times, to take a ballet/dance class, I bit my tongue. I expressed only excitement.  And I decided I would never push my dreams on her. So we signed up at our local Rec Center. I called my mother and grandmother and we took a girls trip to the dance store.  We went ALL IN! If it was made for ballet and they had it in her size, we bought it! So $175 in ballet clothes and 45 failed attempts at making a “ballet bun” later- I’M A DANCE MOM! 

Whatever sport or activity my children decide to do- I will support them. Marlow may decide to play soccer one day. But until then- I’ll be the best dance mom to my tiny ballerina!


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