6 Ways to AVOID going crazy as a stay at home mom

My 6 Ways to AVOID Going Crazy as a Stay at Home Mom

When I decided to stay home, it took me a while before I realized that I may go (or may have already gone) crazy! Being with the kids is great, but the isolation from other adults and other interests can start to wear you down over time. So here’s a few tips I picked up along the way!

1. Find classes. We first went to our local library. They do a weekly child’s story time. Best thing is, it is free! They also have free story time most Barnes & Noble and our local Kroger has a story time as well with Grandma Snazzy. We found a kinder music class at a nearby church. Then once Maddox was old enough, I started signing up for classes at our Rec Center. This is by far our favorite! He has done soccer, general sports (combo basketball, foodtball, soccer and golf) and gymnastics. They also have art, music, cooking, karate, etc. There are so many other options for classes as well like Catch air, Sky Zone (Alpharetta does a toddler time every other Wednesday), Little Gym, and All Fired Up (Ceramics Classes), just to name a few.

2. Meet other moms! The best way I found so far was through Facebook groups. If you are local to Atlanta, I would join The Mom Posse. I also meet other moms at some of the classes mentioned above.

3. Play groups. Find moms nearby and set some up or join some that are already established.

4. Go to playgrounds/indoor play areas. We LOVE the playground at Chik-fil-A and the indoor area at our mall. Northpoint Mall and Avalon have great ones! Northpoint also has a train the kids can ride for $4/ride and the Avalon has an indoor/outdoor climbing area. And as the weather improves, go to your parks and recreation areas. Lots of kids, moms, and fun and all of these.

5. Schedule time for yourself. I admit I’m terrible at this! My daughter is exclusively breastfed and rarely takes a bottle. So rather than leaving the house, my mother-in-law offered to entertain the kids at home so I had a little alone time for whatever I need. Usually I just get caught up on laundry, cleaning or shower but hey, it’s alone time! If you don’t have a mother-in-law who is retired and can come every week, I would definitely recommend finding a babysitter one day a week for a few hours. You could even exchange with another mom and take turns watching each others kids.

6. Find something you do JUST for you. This can be working out, reading, painting, shopping, hiking, etc. Recently I started blogging, which has honestly been a huge outlet for me! The most important thing is to find ways to get out and spend time with other people doing things you like, both for your kids and for yourself. I guarantee it will make you not just a happier stay-at-home but a happier person!


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