10 Things My Child Will NEVER Do

10 Things my child will NEVER do…

1. Screen time at dinner

image1 image1-2


2. Eat junk food and candy

10984982_649423538642_2805467940317398629_n 10575260_668368288212_3240779162811712264_o


3. Get random things he “wants” at the store

1623672_637918983862_8209075699267792027_n 12888603_675165042462_2791537246280456458_o

(He wanted a new backpack and cookie monster…)            (He wanted a new pink bat…)


4. Be naked all the time

12829069_673196487462_5955675281498228457_o-2  12001078_661845110712_9007291943243375864_o


5. Leave the house in pjs



6. Misbehave/Act crazy in pubic

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.09.36 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.11.01 PM

(playing baseball and racing with dad in Target-click photo to see video)


7. Watch/play video games

10296459_668190374752_6376027680642251912_o image2


8. Stay up too late

12273805_666159774092_8670875865213960520_o 10155773_608936390212_3464677573311591821_n


9. Hit, bite, etc

11935220_659841021922_297967049246011021_o 10527461_611215682492_6059137721042523363_n


10. Be spoiled with gifts

12182609_664226917552_2885154087622190048_o 1781108_668032042052_7284049471834203561_o


Will never do

With Love,

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  1. Haha we have some grandiose ideas of what we’ll be like as parents don’t we? From my experience, we’re almost always wrong about it.

  2. Guilty…minus the sweets and stuff, and the staying up late. Peyton is naked so much that she has more accidents on the floor than our morkie Diesel!

  3. I totally feel the same way. Such great plans to be “perfect”, but then, life happens. My little one almost never gets sugar, but I let her have a Krispy Kreme doughnut for National donut day. Pretty sure at least 4 of these things happened as a result.

  4. I always stated that my kids would never go out of the house in pajamas either but it has happened!

  5. This had me laughing all the way through. Never make a list like this til one has had kids. Some days you just end up in survival mode.

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