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I am in NO WAY a hair expert! I only know what works for me. I have naturally curly hair and it wasn’t until recently that I really feel like really I learned how to get it straight and smooth. I attribute most of this to finding the right products! (Thank you Tiffani at Voila Salon!) I’ve been using these for about a year now and I’m really happy with how smooth it makes my hair, how easy it is to straighten it, and how long a blowout lasts. Tip-I also use a shower cap in between blow outs. I wash my hair 1 once a week…EKKKK.. I know.. but I promise my hair doesn’t get greasy! I’ve linked all the products and tools I use in each step as well as at the bottom of the post. Hope this is somewhat helpful!

Step 1: Shampoo hair. Rinse. Wash again. The first wash removes oils and the second cleans the hair.

Step 2: Condition hair. I put conditioner on and leave it on while I finish showering. Brush with a wide tooth comb. Rinse

Step 3: Spray hair with Pureology Color Fanatic Hair Treatment spray.

Step 4: Apply Pureology Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream. Brush with wide tooth comb again to get product from root to tip.

Step 5: Blow dry. I am OBSESSED with my new blowdryer/hair brush in one! (and it’s currently on sale!) It has made drying my hair so easy! What use to take 30-45 minutes now takes about 15-20. I highly recommend it! But if you use a regular hair dryer than I highly recommend using a large barrel brush. If you have shorter hair I would get a smaller barrel, depending on length. There are so many methods/techniques on this and I’ll share mine in another post. But for now-youtube! There are so many great videos.

Lastly, every few weeks I apply coconut oil to my hair and leave it on for a minimum of 2 hours, but usually overnight. I apply enough to complete coat my hair but I avoid saturating the roots. Then I wash as as usual the next day.

Again, I just want to say, I have no idea what I’m really doing! I just know what works for me. I’ve tried SO MANY products and these are the only ones I have stuck with and truly swear by.

With Love,

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  1. I haven’t been blowdrying my hair hardly at all! While I love that it is healthier for it, the days I don’t have enough time (ie. I oversleep!) to let it fully air-dry are not my best hair days! Plus when I blow-dry it’s super frizzy! Does the smoothing cream really work that well? Maybe that’s what I’m missing! Good post! 😊

    1. OMG the smoothing cream helps so much! (But it may be a combo of it all-since it’s all made to smooth). My hair use to be SO frizzy! Now it blow dries so smoothly! Even when I use to blow dry it (before I started using these products) it wasn’t nearly as smooth.

  2. You have amazing hair!! Wow. I keep reading and hearing about using coconut oil on your hair. Question, is your hair color treated? I wondering if it would be helpful to hold color too? Wouldn’t that been awesome!

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