Carrying Your Loved Ones

I have always believed strongly that one of the main ways kids naturally learn is from copying the actions and attitudes of their parents and other people who surround them. Like the saying goes, monkey see, monkey do. So we do our best to model behaviors for the kids that are important to us. One of the key things we practice in our attachment parenting is baby wearing. In case you missed my previous post about attachment parenting, you can read it here. We carried Maddox pretty regularly in a carrier until he was about 2, and Marlow is basically a baby kangaroo-living in her carrier during the day.
So it was only natural that Maddox’s behavior would copy ours with Marlow.  Josh has always been happy to wear a baby carrier, so when we are all together, we share the carrying. When Maddox saw us carrying Marlow around in a baby carrier, he often asked if he could carry Marlow. Since it isn’t quite safe for him to carry her, we found a great compromise. We found this Boba Mini Carrier from Shop Birth Blessings, and since we got it, Maddox has been carrying his stuffed animals and babies everywhere we go. He seems especially proud standing next to me while I carry Marlow in her carrier and he carries his babies in his. You can find this mini carrier and some other adorable designs here. I love these carriers. Now Marlow is stealing Maddox’s so often that I think I need another ASAP!


Maddox’s baby carrier has helped him learn the responsibility of caring for a baby, and this behavior has carried over into the way he cares for his sister. If this is at all indicative of what kind of a father he will be one day, I am beyond proud! When I asked Maddox what he thinks about his carrier he said “It’s awesome! My babies like being close to me and now I can hold my toys with both hands!” And that, in a nut shell, is exactly why I baby wear! My babies like being close to me and my hands are free so I can multi task!

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  1. What wonderful parenting role models he’s following. I know he’s going to be a great daddy some day.

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