Nursing Friendly Clothing

I learned the hard way, after having Maddox, that most of my clothing is not “nursing friendly.” I also realized I didn’t fit back into my normal clothes (duh) for months but my maternity clothes didn’t fit right either. I had to waste money on all these “in between” outfits. So when I got pregnant with Marlow I knew I only wanted to get nursing friendly clothing that I could wear during and after I was pregnant! Luckily I found Pink Blush Maternity! They have a whole section of nursing friendly outfits! Most of their clothes are also able to be worn during and after your pregnancy (they even have pictures of both pregnant and non pregnant woman in each outfit so you can see what it looks like). Extra bonus-their clothes are really comfortable and affordable.

Here’s the dress I wore to my baby shower. It’s insanely soft, but most importantly it’s SUPER stretchy! At this point I’ve outgrown most of my maternity clothes (which is so annoying). I’ll be spending the rest of my pregnancy in stretchy dresses! You can find this dress in other colors here!

P.S. I can’t wait to share pictures of the adorable delivery/nursing robe I got from Pink Blush too! I’ll be wearing it soon in the hospital with Marlow Marie!

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    1. Uhh soon frustrating! I hate the “in-between” phase! Hopefully it’s easier this time around with better clothing options!

    1. Thanks so much! YES, black maxi dresses are a MUST! I’ve worn this dress so many times and different ways! I’ll be wearing it nonstop! Haha!

  1. I have their nursing pajamas and it SAVED me when my baby girl was born. The waist bands on the pajamas are so comfortable and soft. I had an emergency C-section and it was the only pants I could wear. So so thankful I had them in my bag.


    1. OH I need to get those too then!!! Thanks! I have a nursing robe but pjs are a great idea for after I deliver!

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