*Update: I recently had my eyebrows Re-Microbalded and wanted to share this post again with before and after photos. All the same information below still applies. The final photo is my most recent results.*

Original Post:

Since having kids, I’ve noticed my eyebrows have started thinning. I didn’t think there was much to do about it so I’ve been filling them in with various pencils/gels. While I was happy with the way they look filled in I was so tired of having to do it everyday. So when I was heard about microblading I was super intrigued!

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique that involves “implanting pigment after the creation of fine incisions in the skin.” Each hair stroke is finely bladed onto the skin to create a realistic “hair-like” appearance.

After I research the procedure I started looking for local places to have it done. I found quite a few locations near me but eventually settled on the one I felt most comfortable with. I liked the before and after photos of their work but I also felt more comfortable knowing it was an actually medical spa. I went to Magnolia Med Spa in Cumming, Ga. If you are in Georgia I would highly recommend them!

They first cleaned the area and applied the numbing cream. Then we started with a consultation that took about 30 minutes, to decide what color and shape I preferred. Then the esthetician drew on the desired shape until we got exactly what we were looking for. This took a little longer for me because my eyebrows are actually really uneven. I didn’t realize it until we started measuring and drawing but one sit much higher on my face than the other. I was so impressed with the time she took to make my eyebrows even. I also had no idea what a difference even-looking eyebrows would make! HAHA!
I was really surprised that the actual blading did not hurt at all. I did start to feel it once the numbing cream started to wear off but even that wasn’t painful and once they reapplied the cream I couldn’t feel it at all again. The esthetician that did the work was amazing! She was clearly which a perfectionists (which is exactly what you want when you are doing something to your face!) and she repeatedly applied a few strokes, checked the placement, and even had me sit up a few times to check the work along the way. I really felt like she was perfecting my eyebrows specifically that fit me, not just going through the motions and “doing her job.” I felt completely comfortable with her! This may sound dramatic, but I feel like your eyebrows are such a big feature on your face and messing them up was not something I wanted to risk! A few weeks after I went into a touch-up which was the same process, but much less time.Here’s an immediate before and after photo from my first microblading.

Wow what a difference, right?! The next photo is from my most recent Re-Microblading. They started to fade and so I had them redone at the same place. Results usually last 1-3 years depending on your skin, activity level, and aftercare.

So if you’ve ever thought about getting your eyebrows done…DO IT! You will LOVE IT! But, make sure you go to a legit place! (not some lady off craigslist). Here’s link to the place I went Magnolia Med Spa. Ask for Emily and tell them Kira sent you!





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