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Preparing for Baby #3 with Living Textiles

March 18, 2019

I remember preparing with Maddox, my first. Brand new everything. So much thought and preparation. Then with Marlow, my second, we did almost just as much. Being the first girl meant she needed all her own “girly” things. So when we found out I was pregnant with Maclan our first thought was “Well we already have everything. No need for anything new.” I quickly realized I missed the preparation, the planning, the “new” baby stuff. He would be getting hand-me-downs for the rest of his life. He need some special things that were all his own. 

They say the third child gets less. Less attention, less new things, less time. And that may be true. We’ll have to wait to see. However, while Maclan may get less “new” (I mean he’s got an older brother and cousins who will pass everything down to him. Why waste money, right?! 🤣) He definitely won’t be getting any less love. If anything, he may get more. He has two older siblings who already love him fiercely and are already fighting for his attention. 

So before we throw him in his hand-me-down onesies and toss him a few old toys (haha I kid, sorta). I decided he needed a few “news.” Some new blankets, lovey to snuggle with, and some nursery décor just for him. Full disclosure- Marlow may be “testing them out” to get them ready for him. 

When it comes to soft, quality baby items I turn to Living Textiles. They have the most adorable things for baby and everything is highest quality. Be sure to check out everything they have and use code: KiraMarie20 for 20%!

The first thing we got was the Baby Bento Gift Set – Muslin Swaddle Blanket + Mini Theodore Elephant. We may be purchasing another set because Marlow has definitely already claimed the adorable little Theodore Elephant as her own. She did agree to let baby Maclan have the two Muslin Swaddle Blankets though. So that’s a start. Since every baby needs their own baby blanket, we got Maclan the Muslin Jacquard Blanket. It is so incredibly soft and snuggly. It feels thick, yet breathable and is made of 100% cotton. Luckily, Marlow has designated this as “Baby Maclan’s blanket.” Lastly, I had to have the Knitted Star Garland. It was too cute to pass up and matched his new blankets perfectly! 

If you’re in the market for some adorable, quality baby items I would definitely check out Living Textiles! I already have a few other items in my shopping chart for an upcoming baby shower! And don’t forget to use code: KiraMarie20 for 20% off! You can also find some cute inspiration on their instagram @livingtextilesco and their Facebook Page as well!

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