My Favorite Photoshoot to Date

This photoshoot was so fun! I told the kids they got to plan their very own, special photoshoot. The helped pick out their outfits. They each got to pick out a new pair of shoes at the store. Then Maddox chose where we would go to take photos. I didn’t do any posing or planning. We found a spot with good light and I let them do their thing. The results were everything I hoped they would be. Which ones do you like best? I’m trying to decide which ones I want to print large for the house. Comment below to let me know!

With Love,

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1 comment

  1. What a great shot! Gorgeous lighting and adorable outfits! Their personalities totally show in these!! The last one is a keeper for sure! Marlow in the sunglasses is super cute! I’d have a hard time choosing!

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