Marlow’s First Birthday: The Non-Pinterest Party

Marlow’s 1st Birthday: The Non-Pinterest Party
Sometimes I feel the pressure to make things “photo worthy.” You see all these adorable kids parties and think ” I can totally do that!” I have about a million party ideas pinned on my Pinterest page. I have entire boards dedicated to DIY decorations that fit the perfect beautiful party theme! And I would LOVE to be able to say I’m featuring some crazy cool handmade, one-of-a-kind party decor for Marlow’s first birthday.. but that is just not the case! Ain’t nobody got time for that! 😂 And the party was absolutely perfect and turned exactly how I would have hoped!

Instead I took the easy way out! I hit up the dollar area at Target and stocked up on some adorable birthday decorations! They had an entire section of pastel, polka dot themes party decor that was PERFECT! They had banners, signs, balloons, and tiny party hats. I also grabbed a few things for goodie bags. Each bag had fruit snacks, a glow stick, a kazoo, bubbles, a bag of Pure Growth Organics popcorn, and these adorable handmade bows from Ivy & Simone!

I also used Pure Growth Organic for the party snacks as well. I got a few bags of chips, snack mix, and popcorn! Then I added some squeeze apple sauces, a fruit bowl, crackers with cheese, and drinks! That’s it! Super easy and everyone was happy!

When I say I took the easy way out, I mean I did it with every aspect of the party. I picked one main present and bought everything to go with it. I found this adorable Retro Wood Kitchen from Teamson Kids and knew that it was something both Maddox and Marlow would love! Josh and Maddox put it together the night before her Birthday. Which, by the way, was a genius idea! Maddox felt so special having such a big roll in Marlow’s Birthday! He really took pride in “building Marlow’s present.” I’m so in love with her kitchen. Check out the cute little chalk board front door and little ice maker below. Then I picked out some cute food/kitchen accessories on Amazon and I was good to go! Here are the links for the Melissa & Doug kitchen accessories: UtensilsPots & Pans, Food, Sliced Food


Next was entertainment. I knew we’d have kids of all ages so I rented a bouncy house that turned into a water slide from Jump and Slide rentals. It was a BLAST!


About the only “pinterest-y” looking aspect was her Birthday Chalk board. And I didn’t even make that! I have an amazingly talented friend here in Georgia that created this for me! If you need a handmade sign check out her company Bear & Bubba Design.

My amazing grandmother made Marlow’s cake. I wasn’t stressed trying to make decorations, put together some crazy present, or plan some elaborate entertainment. I actually got to relax and just enjoy the day! It was perfect! My favorite memory from the party was when Maddox fed Marlow her first bites of cake! It was so sweet. Here’s a few more fun pictures from our awesome day! I may have taken the easy way out and it may not have been “pinterest worthy” but it was a perfect first birthday for us!


And yes, that last picture is how the party ended…with Josh carrying me over his shoulder into the water slide!



With Love,

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