Gingerbread Houses- the Easy Way

I’m always looking for fun things to do with the kids. Especially around the holidays. One thing we do every year is make gingerbread houses. I thought I would share how we made our gingerbread houses this year- the easy way.

I came across these premade gingerbread houses at Target the other day for 9$! FYI I’ve also seen the premade gingerbread houses at whole foods and Trader Joe’s. We usually buy the kits and put them together ourselves. However, it’s always a disaster. They don’t stay together and it’s always so hard for the kids to understand that they have to wait before they can decorate it. But with these premade ones everything is ready to go!


The other thing I like about not buying one of the kits it was that we got to pick our own decorations. Marlow is still in that “putting everything in her mouth” phase. So the large gumdrops and hard candies that come in the kit are just dangerous. So instead we picked out these fun edible items on the cake decorating isle. The kids chose m&m’s, tiny christmas trees, eyeballs, candy canes, and of course, SPRINKLES! They were inexpensive and they are safe in case a few pieces get eaten. Haha what am I saying… a few? 🤣 I’ll be honest… They ate more than they actually put on the house!


Maddox likes to put the icing on by himself but Marlow needs a little help. Instead of the squeeze icing bags, which can be kind of hard to use, Maddox just uses his hands to apply the icing. Then it’s basically a free-for-all! The kids had a blast this year and there were no tears at all! (we usually have a at least a few while they wait for the icing to solidify before decorating the houses). We also bought tiny premade gingerbread men cookies and they love decorating those as well!

Another thing that helped this year was using the kids’ neat step stool.  It’s a kids Learning Tower from Little Partners. The specific one I have is the Limited Edition Learning Tower. It’s awesome! You can adjust the height so that both Marlow and Maddox can use it.  It’s also completely stable so that they can’t tip over. I can’t tell you how many times they have fallen off or knocked over a chair or another type of stepstool. The Little Partners Learning Tower is the perfect height and has enough space so that Marlow feels free to move around within it. I can actually safely stand in it too! (It is SO strong and sturdy). It also has a chalkboard on one side so they can draw on it when we’re not cooking. If you have little ones that love to help you cook or just want to be up where the action is in the kitchen, I would definitely recommend one of these! I’ll put a link here to the one that we have so you can check them out! Bonus side note: I just saw they have these adorable little kits to turn the towers into little playhouse puppet shows and ice-cream stands! HOW adorable! I may have to get one for the kids for Christmas!



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