*Update: I recently had my eyebrows Re-Microbalded and wanted to share this post again with before and after photos. All the same information below still applies. The final photo is my most recent results.*

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Since having kids, I’ve noticed my eyebrows have started thinning. I didn’t think there was much to do about it so I’ve been filling them in with various pencils/gels. While I was happy with the way they look filled in I was so tired of having to do it everyday. So when I was heard about microblading I was super intrigued!

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Post Baby Body

Marlow is almost 4 months old! I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! I’ve had a few new moms ask about weight loss after baby and I wanted to do a quick post. To be honest I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost. When I came home from the hospital I jumped on the scale and discovered the batteries had died. So I decided I wouldn’t replace them and I would just go by how my clothes fit.

The main reason I don’t stress about weight loss is because I’m nursing. I know the weight will eventually come off and I don’t want to restrict any food and risk my supply going down. So instead I buy a comfy pair of jeans, a few nursing tank tops (usually black, white and nude), and tops to layer over my tank top. Side note- I find wearing a nursing tank top with a shirt over it is the easiest way to nurse when we are out and about. I can discreetly and easily nurse whenever I need. I like nursing tanks that are soft but supportive (so I don’t need to wear a bra). After Maddox, it took me almost a year to fit back into my pre baby clothes. Full disclosure- If I don’t leave the house I stay in yoga pants and a nursing tank top ALL DAY! ? When I’m feeling fancy I throw on a little make-up… Nope… That was a lie… I throw on big sunglasses so no one can tell.

So I basically bought a few set staples:
– Dark blue jeans
– Black jeans
– Black yoga pants (these high waist ones from Target are awesome)
– Nursing tank tops (From Bravado)
– A lose fitting, soft t-shirt
– A long cardigan (to hide fun new post baby belly and long enough to cover my thighs because they got HUGE.
Here’s an example of what I normally wear day to day.




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Nursing Friendly Clothing

I learned the hard way, after having Maddox, that most of my clothing is not “nursing friendly.” I also realized I didn’t fit back into my normal clothes (duh) for months but my maternity clothes didn’t fit right either. I had to waste money on all these “in between” outfits. So when I got pregnant with Marlow I knew I only wanted to get nursing friendly clothing that I could wear during and after I was pregnant! Luckily I found Pink Blush Maternity! They have a whole section of nursing friendly outfits! Most of their clothes are also able to be worn during and after your pregnancy (they even have pictures of both pregnant and non pregnant woman in each outfit so you can see what it looks like). Extra bonus-their clothes are really comfortable and affordable.

Here’s the dress I wore to my baby shower. It’s insanely soft, but most importantly it’s SUPER stretchy! At this point I’ve outgrown most of my maternity clothes (which is so annoying). I’ll be spending the rest of my pregnancy in stretchy dresses! You can find this dress in other colors here!

P.S. I can’t wait to share pictures of the adorable delivery/nursing robe I got from Pink Blush too! I’ll be wearing it soon in the hospital with Marlow Marie!

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