Nursing in Public

October 10, 2016

If you are nursing your baby, what do you do when you are out and about?  Do you try to find somewhere private? Do you use a cover? Or do you just nurse and not worry about it?  I do a mix of all three.

With Maddox, more often than not, I went somewhere private to nurse him. I completely support a woman’s right to nurse her baby anywhere! However, as a first time mom, I wasn’t as comfortable nursing in public all the time. There were many times I nursed Maddox in the bathroom. And I have to admit I hated it. I felt so isolated, left out, and dirty (public bathrooms are so gross)! Trying to nurse a new baby while not touching anything is incredibly hard! When Marlow was born I was tired of going to the bathroom to nurse. While I have done it on rare occasions, I decided I was tired of leaving dinner, missing conversations and searching for nursing room while shopping.

I have a love hate relationship with nursing covers. Maddox absolutely hated having his head covered, so nursing covers were rarely an option. I spent more time fighting to keep the cover on him and I usually ended up exposing my boobs a lot more than if I’d left the cover off completely. Marlow doesn’t mind the cover as much but since it’s summer I get so hot I rarely want to use it myself!

With Marlow, I have mastered the art of nursing in public. Feeding your baby is the most important thing. You shouldn’t have to worry about how much of your boob is exposed. Let’s face it, the baby’s head covers most of it and you are really showing less boob than most low cut shirts. It really shouldn’t matter at all, but I do prefer (for myself) to nurse discreetly. I find I’m completely able to do this if I wear a nursing tank top and another shirt layered over. The tank top provides access and the shirt provides enough cover to keep me discreet. With this method I’m able to easily nurse anywhere and have virtually nothing exposed.

I also seek locations that make it easier.  For example, in a restaurant I find I can sit in a booth, turn slightly toward the wall, and be totally comfortable. One more consideration for me is who else is present. Depending who I am with can sometimes dictate how I nurse (covered, uncovered, or in a different location).  I’m not trying to make a statement. I’m not “looking for attention” while nursing. And I’m not trying to tell other mothers how to nurse in public. I’m just feeding my baby. I do what feels most comfortable for me at the time, and I encourage  other mothers to do what feels most comfortable for you and your baby!

*Photo above features my go-to Bravado nursing cami.*

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  • Reply Jessi Churchwell October 10, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    So I was unable to nurse Chase or Christian so when it came to Presley I wanted so badly to nurse so I did it when and wherever I felt like it ? I once nursed her while walking around a pumpkin patch in a sling. I nursed in the shoe section of Nordstrom and at dinner while eating dinner at a restaurant. There weren’t many times hat I went into a private area. Now saying all of this, I am not a very modest person so I didn’t care if people saw me (I mean I was feeding my baby). Now, it’s not for everyone so I’m totally ok with nursing in private as well. If I thought she was going to nurse for a long time I would often find a comfy lounge to sit in like the women’s bathroom of a nice department store or in a changing room. To each their own but I seriously think people should just get over the whole nursing in public is disgusting thing.. that’s just ridiculous!! Good job mama!! I’m proud of you!!

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