Dear Maclan

Dear Maclan,

We are ready for you! We can’t wait to meet you. Your big brother and sister have been asking when they would be getting a new baby for over a year! Well, technically Maddox has been asking for two babies 🤣

I remember being so worried in the beginning. With my other two pregnancies I was never nauseous but this time I had 24/7 nausea for about 3 weeks. And for some reason that really worried me. Like somehow this pregnancy was different and that scared me. We even paid for extra testing to be sure. Don’t worry- all the tests were good! They were more to ease my mind than anything else. 

I remember one night in the beginning when I couldn’t sleep. I was up worrying about how I would sleep and breastfeed this time. (Since we currently cosleep with both kids and Marlow is still nursing). Then I worried- how can I be the parent I want to be to 3 kids.. can I do it? Will I be a good mom to 3? I only have 2 hands. And honestly it wasn’t until we told Maddox and Marlow the news that I suddenly felt calm. They were so excited. Maddox has all the answers- “Mom you feed the baby. Daddy will change diapers. I will play with the baby. And Marlow will take naps with the baby.” And Marlow kept repeating “I hold the baby. Won’t drop it!” 🤣Something about their words made everything seem like it was meant to be. Like three was going to be our number. 

Your dad chose your name right away. I suggested it and he said “yep, that’s it! Mac!” Marlow says your name is “little baby.”  And Maddox insisted on calling you “Max.” When I said no he replied “Ok, well you can name the baby whatever you want and I will just call him Max.” Luckily he has since come around and agrees to call you Maclan. And both kids knew you were a boy before we did. 

Your dad has been calm from the beginning. First thing he said was “Prefect, now we can use that extra bedroom upstairs.” Then he said “I wonder what his personality will be like.” You’ll find out soon but you have an amazing dad, two incredible siblings, and an excited mom who are going to smother you in love! 

Now If I’m honest, I wasn’t going to set up a nursery. But when I saw Delta Children’s new line in Target I knew you needed one! Your entire family came over to put everything together. Uncle B.A. (Brandon) and Sara moved all the old furniture out of the room while Lolli and Poppy put the dresser together. Then nana, Maddox, and even Marlow joined in on putting together the crib. It was such a fun day and you are so lucky to be surrounded by and loved by such an amazing family already!

We can’t wait to meet you! We hope you like us as much as we already like you! And we hope you like your new room! It’s all yours buddy!


Your Family!

You can shop everything from Maclan’s room on my or click the photo below to go straight to each item!

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Preparing for Baby #3 with Living Textiles

I remember preparing with Maddox, my first. Brand new everything. So much thought and preparation. Then with Marlow, my second, we did almost just as much. Being the first girl meant she needed all her own “girly” things. So when we found out I was pregnant with Maclan our first thought was “Well we already have everything. No need for anything new.” I quickly realized I missed the preparation, the planning, the “new” baby stuff. He would be getting hand-me-downs for the rest of his life. He need some special things that were all his own. 

They say the third child gets less. Less attention, less new things, less time. And that may be true. We’ll have to wait to see. However, while Maclan may get less “new” (I mean he’s got an older brother and cousins who will pass everything down to him. Why waste money, right?! 🤣) He definitely won’t be getting any less love. If anything, he may get more. He has two older siblings who already love him fiercely and are already fighting for his attention. 

So before we throw him in his hand-me-down onesies and toss him a few old toys (haha I kid, sorta). I decided he needed a few “news.” Some new blankets, lovey to snuggle with, and some nursery décor just for him. Full disclosure- Marlow may be “testing them out” to get them ready for him. 

When it comes to soft, quality baby items I turn to Living Textiles. They have the most adorable things for baby and everything is highest quality. Be sure to check out everything they have and use code: KiraMarie20 for 20%!

The first thing we got was the Baby Bento Gift Set – Muslin Swaddle Blanket + Mini Theodore Elephant. We may be purchasing another set because Marlow has definitely already claimed the adorable little Theodore Elephant as her own. She did agree to let baby Maclan have the two Muslin Swaddle Blankets though. So that’s a start. Since every baby needs their own baby blanket, we got Maclan the Muslin Jacquard Blanket. It is so incredibly soft and snuggly. It feels thick, yet breathable and is made of 100% cotton. Luckily, Marlow has designated this as “Baby Maclan’s blanket.” Lastly, I had to have the Knitted Star Garland. It was too cute to pass up and matched his new blankets perfectly! 

If you’re in the market for some adorable, quality baby items I would definitely check out Living Textiles! I already have a few other items in my shopping chart for an upcoming baby shower! And don’t forget to use code: KiraMarie20 for 20% off! You can also find some cute inspiration on their instagram @livingtextilesco and their Facebook Page as well!

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Pregnancy and Weight Gain

Now, I may not be the norm, but I truly try not to worry about weight gain while I’m pregnant. I stay off my scale and don’t look when I’m at the doctors. When I was first pregnant with Maddox (my first born) my doctor at the time made a comment about my weight gain very early on. I had not gained weight much at all, but I was immediately stressed and worried when I didn’t need to be. I switched doctors the next week and when I discussed it with my new doctor/midwife, she said “There’s no need to worry. Listen to your body and what the baby needs. And if it brothers you, don’t even look at the numbers. I’ll worry about that.” I felt such relief! She stressed the importance of eating healthy things that the baby and I needed and not to worry so much about the calorie intake (expect to be sure I get enough). This piece of advice instantly relaxed me and changed my mind set. I am a vegetarian and I eat relatively healthy as it is (with the exception of pizza, Mac n cheese and occasional sweets.) 

This may not be right for everyone- but for me it worked. I honestly have no idea how much weight I gained with either pregnancy. I’m only 5’2″ and I know I was NOT slim by any means when I delivered. But taking away the worry of weight gain while I was pregnant had such an affect on how I felt about my postpartum body as well. I took the same attitude- Don’t worry about the number. Worry about me and the baby. Listen to my body and eat what we need. Now I don’t want to miss lead anyone- I did not lose the baby-weight quickly. But I didn’t feel the need to. I was breastfeeding, eating healthy, and putting my energy where it needed to be. And that’s what worked for me. Again, this may not be right for everyone, but this relieved so much unnecessary stress for me. So if you think it will work for you- get rid of the scale! Trust you body and your baby. It’s doing amazing things! Besides, a new baby is enough to worry about! Let yourself relax and give yourself a break!

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Co-Sleeping with 3

We are currently getting ready for baby #3! If you have followed me for a while, you know we practice safe bedsharing/co-sleeping. You can read my original post on cosleeping here.

Bedsharing, a practice in which babies and young children sleep in the same bed with one or both parents, is a subset of co-sleeping.

One of the key components of safe co-sleeping with multiple kids is that the older kids not be next to the new baby. In order for this to happen we have Marlow sleeping in a DockAtot grande. The Grande is for kids age 9-36 months. Marlow is my snuggler. She would sleep literally on top of me if I let her. So to avoid her getting too close to me and the new baby she will sleep next to me (opposite side of the new baby) in a DockAtot.

If you aren’t familiar with DockATot check them out here! They are a game-changer when it comes to better sleeping babies! DockATot is an all natural, 100% cotton, multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. They come in two sizes- Deluxe and Grande.

The reason we use the DockAtot is to keep Marlow feeling snuggled. It also gives her her own space, while still remaining close to me. It has a soft ledge that provides a protective barrier so she doesn’t role onto me and allows her to feel snuggled close so she’s able to sleep soundly.

Marlow also used a DockAtot deluxe, the smaller version, as a baby and loved it! And when Maclan arrives he will be using the DockATot deluxe as well!

If you are thinking about co-sleeping please review the safety guidelines for safe co-sleeping.

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My Favorite Photoshoot to Date

This photoshoot was so fun! I told the kids they got to plan their very own, special photoshoot. The helped pick out their outfits. They each got to pick out a new pair of shoes at the store. Then Maddox chose where we would go to take photos. I didn’t do any posing or planning. We found a spot with good light and I let them do their thing. The results were everything I hoped they would be. Which ones do you like best? I’m trying to decide which ones I want to print large for the house. Comment below to let me know!

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Gift Guide for Her

After dragging my feet I finally sat down (once the kids were asleep, of course) to making a Holiday Gift Guide! There are so many great bloggers out there who do gift guides so I decided to do one filled with things I either own or am buying for the Holidays. I try to make my posts as simple as possible and quick to read (because let’s face it, most of us don’t have time to sit down and read a long post). So if you have any questions about anything please ask away!

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase items*


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Boy or Girl?

Well the results are in! Baby Burr #3 is a….



We are so excited to share that baby Burr #3 is a boy! We were able to find out early this time after doing the blood test they offer at 9 weeks. With Maddox and Marlow we waited until 20 weeks but we just couldn’t wait any longer this time! Both kids said from the beginning that it was “definitely a boy!” I’m not sure how, but somehow they knew! For those who have asked- we do have a name picked out but we are waiting to be 100% sure on the spelling before we announce it. But as you can  probably guess it will start with an M. Any guesses on the name? Comment below on this blog post if you think you know (or have any good suggestions)!

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Dear Josh

First let me start by saying I never thought I would write something like this. And I would never do it for anyone except you. Because you deserve it.

I love you.

I love that the first thing you ever said to me was “Hey, girl!” I love to tell the story that I instantly turned around, rolled my eyes, and walked away annoyed. But the truth is- and I’ll never admit this again- I hoped I’d run into you again. I thought you were cute, even in your size 3x basketball clothes, huge fake diamond earrings, and sleeves rolled up to to show off your gigantic tattoo.. I know.. paints a pretty picture, doesn’t it? 🤣

I love that we were together for 6 years before we got married. We both came from divorced families and wanted to be sure we’d make it. But besides honestly being my best friend (gag I know, so corny) One of the traits I admired most and held the most weight when we talked about marriage was knowing the kind of father you would be. We had very similar ideas and beliefs when it came to raising kids but most importantly I knew that you agreed to put the kids first. And while that sometimes means taking a backseat for us, we always agreed we would have a lifetime together and to prioritize the kids while they were young and needed us most.

I love that like your selfless views on being a dad, you always put our family first. You are without a doubt the hardest working person I know. People always joke that you work so much- but they TRULY don’t understand. You wake up early and go to work all day. You come home and devote yourself to the kids and me. Then you stay up into the wee hours finishing your work before trying to squeeze into the sliver of bed space the kids and I have left for you. And you rarely complain. Well… you definitely complain about how much space we take up in the bed, but that’s about it.

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*Update: I recently had my eyebrows Re-Microbalded and wanted to share this post again with before and after photos. All the same information below still applies. The final photo is my most recent results.*

Original Post:

Since having kids, I’ve noticed my eyebrows have started thinning. I didn’t think there was much to do about it so I’ve been filling them in with various pencils/gels. While I was happy with the way they look filled in I was so tired of having to do it everyday. So when I was heard about microblading I was super intrigued!

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Favorite Hair Products

I am in NO WAY a hair expert! I only know what works for me. I have naturally curly hair and it wasn’t until recently that I really feel like really I learned how to get it straight and smooth. I attribute most of this to finding the right products! (Thank you Tiffani at Voila Salon!) I’ve been using these for about a year now and I’m really happy with how smooth it makes my hair, how easy it is to straighten it, and how long a blowout lasts. Tip-I also use a shower cap in between blow outs. I wash my hair 1 once a week…EKKKK.. I know.. but I promise my hair doesn’t get greasy! I’ve linked all the products and tools I use in each step as well as at the bottom of the post. Hope this is somewhat helpful!

Step 1: Shampoo hair. Rinse. Wash again. The first wash removes oils and the second cleans the hair.

Step 2: Condition hair. I put conditioner on and leave it on while I finish showering. Brush with a wide tooth comb. Rinse

Step 3: Spray hair with Pureology Color Fanatic Hair Treatment spray.

Step 4: Apply Pureology Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream. Brush with wide tooth comb again to get product from root to tip.

Step 5: Blow dry. I am OBSESSED with my new blowdryer/hair brush in one! (and it’s currently on sale!) It has made drying my hair so easy! What use to take 30-45 minutes now takes about 15-20. I highly recommend it! But if you use a regular hair dryer than I highly recommend using a large barrel brush. If you have shorter hair I would get a smaller barrel, depending on length. There are so many methods/techniques on this and I’ll share mine in another post. But for now-youtube! There are so many great videos.

Lastly, every few weeks I apply coconut oil to my hair and leave it on for a minimum of 2 hours, but usually overnight. I apply enough to complete coat my hair but I avoid saturating the roots. Then I wash as as usual the next day.

Again, I just want to say, I have no idea what I’m really doing! I just know what works for me. I’ve tried SO MANY products and these are the only ones I have stuck with and truly swear by.

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